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code + media = learning

We produce podcast shows, online courses, and video training programs.

We call them Knowledge Products.

We're based in Burlington, Vermont with multiple podcast and video production studios for rent.

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Our Services

You have knowledge in your head, we help you share it with the world.

Podcast Production

Everyone loves audio. Record, edit, and release your own podcast show.

Video Production

We specialize in corporate communications and online courses.

Knowledge Products

Teach your audience on-demand or live online with custom solutions.

Ready to launch your podcast show? We make it easy to sound like a pro.

Featured Productions

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High Fidelity

The leading voice and advocacy show for Vermont Cannabis. Hosted by Bridget Conry and her unique industry perspective.

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On Water: The Session Mag Podcast

A show about the water sports lifestyle. Hosted by Evelyn O'Doherty.

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The StateChange Podcast

Real human stories of resilience & transformation through powerful conversations. Hosted by trauma therapist Shauna Hill.

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