Association Strong!

  • Associations are a big business, but no one really talks about how to run them efficiently and effectively while also growing membership. Seasoned association executive Tom Morrison and entrepreneur Dave Will were determined to change that. Morrison and Will began recording preliminary episodes in the middle of 2020 with the intent of sharing their expert knowledge with the association industry, but didn’t know where to begin. 
  • They approached Syntax + Motion to develop a brand around this show, refine their conversations, and coordinate episode releases. Syntax provided everything from brand development to audio editing and podcast hosting platform setup in just three months.
  • Syntax took Morrison and Will through a podcast creative brief to determine their exact goals and intentions for the show as well as their preferences on the visual aspect of their brand. Our in-house design team took all of their notes and turned them into the Association Strong logo you see below.


  • We also created an original introductory theme to the show complete with energizing background music and voice over from Association Strong’s two hosts. This theme plays at the outset and closing of each episode.
      Every podcast needs a trailer for potential listeners to vet you by. Syntax assembled an exciting five-minute trailer to provide an overview of the show to engage new listeners.
        • While one of the benefits of conversational-style podcasts is the unfiltered feel to them, most podcasts still need to be edited. Our in-house audio editors refined Morrison and Will’s conversations and assembled the full episode components. Syntax’s producer completed quality assurance checks on each episode to ensure they were ready for public consumption.

Association Strong Adobe Audition Podcast

PODBEAN + Linktree

Podcast Podbean and Linktree
  • With three original podcast shows of our own, we know that setting up the podcast hosting platform can be one of the more difficult things in the launch process to do. We take that headache away for you. Syntax + Motion set up Association Strong’s podcast hosting account with Podbean. This platform is great for those podcasters who want to manage as many facets of their show in one place.
  • Our production team ensured that Association Strong was ready for release across all podcasting platforms (Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts, Spotify, Pandora, etc) by submitting their RSS feed to each platform with enough lead time to beat the usual holiday rush. To ensure that future listeners could listen to Association Strong on their preferred platform, Syntax + Motion set Morrison and Will up with a customized Linktree account that included all of the platforms one could listen to the show. Prior to the official launch of Association Strong, we released the trailer for the show to start to gain an audience. Syntax even managed the publishing of the first season of episodes with detailed, linked show notes.
    • Association Strong started as an idea between two professional friends and after three months, Tom and Dave had a fully branded, edited and distributed podcast show that was set to reach their target audience.