7 Tips to Create a Video Talk Show

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Developing Your Concept

  1. Talk Shows and Podcasts can cover all sorts of topics that we will go over. First, you will need to decide the best idea based on your given resources (money, people, personality types, location). Some idea starters for podcasts are;
  • Narrative: Tell a story throughout the show.
  • Interview: Speak to interesting people or random individuals to get unique responses
  • Personality/Discussion: Have two friends or coworkers who play off each other well talk for a set amount of time
  • Informational: Choose a topic like Fishing or the Internet to do a deeper dive and present new and interesting information to your viewers.

Those are just a few ideas to get the ball rolling. Once you have settled on an idea that best suits your situation, ability, and budget you can move on to the Set Up.

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Set Up Your Video & Audio

  • Video: Depending on how many people you are filming with you should have at a minimum:
  • 2 cameras for a 1 person show
  • 3 cameras for 2 or more person show
  • This will provide the necessary flexibility of angle to cut to when you go to edit your show. Have one camera capture a wide view of all the action (all people who are featured on the show). Your 2nd camera should be a close up on one of the people in your show and the third would focus on the other person. You should allow for a small amount of space above the individual’s head and arms to allow for natural movement. Don’t be afraid to go a little wider with the closer up shots because you can “zoom up” in post-production. Make sure all your cameras have similar exposure, ISO, and white balance settings so they all look consistent.
  • Audio: You can choose to use podcasting microphones (condenser microphones) or lavalier microphones attached to the collars or shirts. The easiest way to do this is to have two audio recorders (whether they be laptops, computers, dedicated audio recorders, a cellphone.) You have a lot of options. There is a free audio recording app on iPhones, there is Garageband on Macs and Audacity on PC. Record this separate audio alongside camera audio to make syncing audio easier later in post-production.

practice makes perfect

Do a dry run with all the equipment and just have a short conversation, doesn’t have to be interesting this will just allow you to see what all the content will look and sound like. Review footage and make adjustments to audio levels, exposure on cameras, etc. Now you’re ready to film your first episode.

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Post Production Tips

When it comes to editing make sure to focus on keeping the content consistent, well-paced, and most importantly, interesting. I won’t walk you through all the steps here but it helps to include visuals other than the hosts faces to “spice up” the image and keep your viewer involved. Have fun with it and try and strike some funny moments mixed in with the meat of the content. You should also be considering an eye-catching thumbnail while editing that you can pull out to entice potential viewers.

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Promoting your show

  • Reach out to friends and family to use as a test audience for your content. Get feedback and try and improve your content before pushing onto a bigger online audience. Use as many avenues as possible to grow. Instagram, Reddit, Facebook, and Youtube are great places to start. 
  • Share on subreddits that match your content. 
  • Use hashtags and follow similar content to your own on your account. 
  • Utilize a follow-for-follow strategy on Instagram. 
  • Use paid promotion to reach an even larger audience, we have found success with paid on Youtube and Instagram.
  • If you want to learn more about promoting your content check out our blog post on utilizing all the tools you have to get new viewers and grow your channel.
  • These are the foundational blocks to build your Video Talk Show off of and we hope this gets you well on your way to success!