How to Promote Your Video Content

Today we’re going to take some time to go over video promotion basics. If you’re getting started as a new content creator on Youtube or Vimeo and want to have a solid base of knowledge going in then you’ve come to the right place. In this article we outline helpful tools to help in promotion, ways to utilize social media to get your videos in front of viewers and how to better define your content and who you think will be your audience.

Target Audience & Genre

  1. Identify your target audience & define your video genre. Basically, what type of content are you planning on creating? Are you making interviews, video reviews, entertainment videos, etc? Who are your videos specifically designed for? How old are they? What are their interests? By knowing these important factors you can begin to design your promotional strategy accordingly to capture a focused and interested group of viewers.

Keywords & Tags

  1. Keywords and tags will be integral to having people find your content when searching for it. Keywords must be related to your content so if you’re making eLearning content, tags like “education” and “online learning” are applicable. Make sure to include keywords and tags in your video description along with a full explanation of the videos content and any relevant background information. On YouTube you can enter specific keywords that you think would lead people to search for and discover your video.

THumbnails are everything

  • The video thumbnail is extremely important. This is your video’s first impression and must catch potential viewers’ attentions. On YouTube it’s even more important than the title because it’s the main visual that viewers will use to determine if they’re interested and going to click. Make sure to keep the thumbnail simple and easy to read (large font, heavy outlined). The visuals should be eye catching whether it be strange, interesting, high quality, or colorful.
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leveraging Social media

  • Have a consistent brand to upload all of your content under. This will ensure viewers they are watching your particular videos and reduce confusion of what people expect from your channel. Your viewers can consume your content through whichever platform they prefer. Upload to YouTube, Facebook and Instagram as a starting point and expand to other places like LinkedIn and a personal website if you have one.
  • Use hashtags on most social media platforms to capture people interested in the specific tags you use. This will also make you show up more in people’s recommended sections of certain social media platforms. This also helps organize your content and have it show up with other similar content. 
  • Use all platforms to your advantage. You can upload shorter “trailer” type videos on Tik Tok or Twitter to guide/funnel people to the longer versions of the videos on YouTube or Facebook. This will act as a taste test for potential new fans, they can get a sense of the content to ease them into watching the longer version.
  • Leverage the power of Reddit to reach new audiences. Find subreddits related to your videos content to post your videos on in hopes of developing new fans and getting feedback.
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Collaboration is Key!

  • Collaborating with other creators can help build both yours and their fan bases while keeping your content feeling fresh and new. You both have fanbases and exposing each others’ fanbases to new content is mutually beneficial.
  • Reach out to similar, larger content creators in your video genre for advise or reply to their posts to get the attention of their fans to grow your audience. Don’t overdo it and annoy these other creators but be curious and ask questions in the hopes to gain important insights from them.
  • Get feedback from friends, family and your audience to continue to improve your content which will help people feel like their contributing while also making your videos better.
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LinkTree is Great for Instagram Links

  • On Instagram you can only have one link in your biography but this problem is perfectly solved with Linktree! It is a free service that turns one link into however many links you’d like to include. Create a LinkTree that will allow you to have multiple links within your Instagram bio and simplify the viewer’s experience of finding and subscribing to your content. This is the perfect solution for Youtube channels trying to link to multiple different videos.