5 Tips When Starting a Youtube Channel

We will be going over some best practices when starting a Youtube Channel from scratch. What type of content you will be making, how to promote videos, why you should thoroughly tag your videos and more!

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What Type of Content?

  • Before starting, figure out what type of content you are specifically going to make. It is important that the content on your channel is topic specific (focused) and branded well so viewers can tell your content against other similar channels. The main factors you should consider are:
    • Who is your Target Audience?

    • What genre of content are you making? (Instructional, Commentary, Entertainment, Etc)

    • What sets you apart from other channels similar to yours? (Style, Subject Matter, Etc)
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Channel Names Are important

  • You want your channel name to be easy to remember and have strong search engine optimization. Consider the topic of your channel when naming it as well. If another popular channel already has a name very similar to yours than you might end up being harder to find because of this.


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Social Media is a Must

  • You should link off to your social media accounts in the descriptions of both your channel and each video to help build audiences off of the Youtube platforms. In this way you can alert your followers in more ways that a video has just been posted. Youtube’s subscription system isn’t always the most reliable so having other avenues of advertising your videos is highly recommended.


Back End Tips

  • You can set default descriptions and tags for your videos that will auto populate whenever you upload something. This is a big time saver and should be used right when you create your channel. Make sure to tag appropriate things related to your videos and consider including a lengthy description in each video to help Youtube’s algorithm to place your content in front of the right viewers.


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Call To Action

  • In your videos don’t be afraid to include obvious calls to action. There’s a reason most youtubers include a “Like, Comment, Subscribe” callout in their scripts. Saying that will get more people to act than not saying anything. You can place this call to action at the start or end of the video. While it might have stronger results putting this at the start, it might come across slightly desperate to new viewers.