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Best Media of 2020

Despite a global and evolving pandemic, a wrought political landscape, and changing almost everything about the way we work, we found some things to love about 2020. TV Shows + Movies We love to sit down to a good movie, and occasionally even some bad movies. These are our favorite tv shows and movies of… Read more »

How to Promote Your Video Content

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Today we’re going to take some time to go over video promotion basics. If you’re getting started as a new content creator on Youtube or Vimeo and want to have a solid base of knowledge going in then you’ve come to the right place. In this article we outline helpful tools to help in promotion,… Read more »

What’s in the Queue? December Edition

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We are video and audio junkies. Many of us have dreams of seeing our names on the big screen or mentioned in the credits of a podcast. When we’re not working tirelessly to deliver engaging content to our viewers and clients, we take full advantage of our relaxation time by devouring a new story. This… Read more »

What Apple’s Transition from Intel to ARM Means for You.

Apple M1 Processor Silicon

The skinny: Apple is switching away from Intel, the world’s biggest most famous chip manufacturer, and onto their own system derived from the custom chips they’ve been making for iPhones for the past decade. What does that mean for you? 1. Faster Performance Apple is exceedingly confident that their new chip, the M1 will deliver… Read more »

7 Tips to Create a Video Talk Show

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Developing Your Concept Talk Shows and Podcasts can cover all sorts of topics that we will go over. First, you will need to decide the best idea based on your given resources (money, people, personality types, location). Some idea starters for podcasts are; Narrative: Tell a story throughout the show.   Interview: Speak to interesting… Read more »