Building Leaders is a professional training and coaching company based in Chicago, and specializing in training employees for home and local construction. Building Leaders approached us to create interactive, choose-your-own-adventure style video courses for their online training and eLearning program.

Our video content for Building Leaders was shot on location in construction sites and offices. Syntax used professional actors to play characters whose actions were controlled by the employee in training. Branching paths in the video software allowed for a choose-your-own-adventure style learning course.

We partnered with the Knowedgelink eLearning platform to build the courses for Building Leaders. Using our interactive video content, Building Leaders was able to set up a full eLearning course system with user scoring and instructor feedback.

With expert graphics, beautiful branding, and innovative interactive content, Building Leaders was able to create a strong business course using Syntax’s work. Since the time that this interactive content was built, the technology has improved greatly and we can build advanced HTML5 interactive content. See more (coming soon.)