Green Solutions International

Green Solutions International SKN Inc. is a non-governmental organization (NGO) for training, networking and innovation in the solar industry across the Caribbean. GSI helps countries become sustainable with green energy through education, workforce training, and clean energy development.

Syntax was approached by Dr. Wayne Archibald, the director of GSI, to create interactive online course content to replace in-person certification training during the COVID-19 pandemic. With content provided by Certified Solar Instructor Randy Dunton, we created an online textbook for students including video lectures,  labs and field trips, and online testing. We built state-of-the art HTML-5 and xAPI-compatible course content. View a sample course below.

With filtered reporting, user tracking, and great student management, Syntax chose Knowledgelink LMS as the eLearning platform to host GSI’s courses. We set up the GSI Knowledgelink site, compiling the video courses, handouts, and resources for GSI students to learn with.

Green Solutions Knowledgelink

Syntax designed branding and images across the course site, and helped train users and staff alike in using the new system. With beautiful design and new eLearning technology, GSI was ready to launch their course and help bring a sustainable, solar-powered future closer to reality.