Become a Next Generation Speaker Today

Step 1: Get Your AI Avatar

Get a realistic AI Avatar that looks and sounds just like you! On-the-go traveling  or too busy to record a video? With Syntax AI Studios, we can record your likeness and voice to push out realistic videos of you on the fly with only a single day in the studio.

Syntax AI Studios

Step 2: Create Your Free Course

Create an eLearning Course absolutely free! Get a full-access site on the Rockstar Learning Platform, onboarding and training, and upload all your content without paying a cent while you grow your user base.

Step 3: Download Our White Paper

The Enterprise Selling Handbook is designed to help thought leaders and experts package and sell online knowledge products to their biggest customers. Built on Jon Tota’s 20 years of experience in learning experience design and video learning strategies, this handbook will help you take over your industry and position yourself as the online knowledge provider in your unique space. 

Jon Tota

Step 4: Schedule a free 30 minute consult with Jon

Jon Tota has 20+ years of experience helping thought leaders and experts develop and sell their knowledge products. From eLearning courses to podcasts to general strategy, Jon is the guy you want to collaborate with.

Schedule a free 30- minute consultation with Jon to take your offerings and strategy to the next level.

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