Workplace Academy



Greenwald Doherty LLP is a law firm focused on employment and human resource law. The firm wanted to develop a way to train companies in sexual harassment awareness and prevention. Greenwald approached Syntax to build a brand new company to provide sexual harassment training videos to firms across the US. The new company, Workplace Academy, needed to start from the ground up. Syntax provided everything from filming to finished interactive video and quiz content, website building, and branding in under six months, a quick turn-around from zero to one hundred.


From pre- to post-production


Syntax found professional actors and filmed the takes for fifteen videos in two days. Our green screens were brought to life with callouts and animations done in Adobe Premier. We created and animated cartoon characters with Doodly to envision narrated scenarios in each video. To create an engaging user experience, we took the videos and constructed interactive content, adding quizzes and click-through materials. Our interactive videos bring real attention to the subject matter, and ensure that users are following along with the content.



We work with your partners to make everything run on the system you already know.



We worked with Workplace Academy’s LMS, Knowledgelink, and got the content up and running so Workplace’s clients could access the content and train their employees. With all the content ready to go, Workplace Academy needed a website to sell their training courses. We built a microsite for Workplace Academy providing customers with an introduction, contact info, and e-Commerce sales capability via Stripe, along with custom coded coupon codes.


Workplace Academy Website, Syntax Production Vermont

Client showcase for Syntax + Motion Vermont Production Studio


We automated the site so Workplace could work smarter. The microsite sends notifications via Slack to Workplace Academy so they know when a new client has signed up. Every new signup is added to an email list and automatically placed into the Knowledgelink LMS. We developed the website, and made it easy for our client to take over. After building the site, we worked with Workplace to make a smooth handoff of their website and automations, with detailed instructions and continued support, so they were ready to take the reins and manage their new website.


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